Find Research Opportunities

Not sure where to find research opportunities? Start by learning about undergraduate research options, and then connecting with faculty, students, and/or the OUR Director to find a research opportunity that is a good fit for you. Browse the topics below for tips on finding research opportunities at NCWU.

Learn about Undergraduate Research

Start by exploring research areas and learning more about what interests you. Discover who’s doing research on campus, and how you can get involved.

Look at Department Websites and Social Media Pages
Faculty and student publications and presentations are often highlighted on departmental webpages and/or social media. You can use these sites to get information on the type of research being conducted by faculty and students in these departments.

Browse the OUR Faculty Research Database
Browse faculty research activities and interests (below) for ongoing faculty research programs and activities that you may be able to get involved in. Check back often as this database is updated continually.

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Connect with a Research Mentor

Finding a research mentor (usually a faculty member) is a helpful way to obtain guidance and exposure to more research opportunities. Browse the faculty research database below to learn more about faculty research interests and activities, and connect with a potential faculty research mentor. Need help finding a research mentor? Contact the OUR Director to help you navigate your research path and make connections with faculty conducting research in your area of interest.

Find External Research Opportunities

There are many national organizations that can help undergraduate students connect with research opportunities outside of their institution. Below are some examples: