OUR Faculty-Student Research Award (FSRA)

The NCWU Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is currently accepting applications for the OUR Faculty-Student Research Award. Specific information regarding the award and application proposal can be found below:

Award description:

In line with the mission of the NCWU OUR, this award helps to support and promote opportunities for students to engage in advanced inquiry through research, creative, and scholarly experiences. This annual award supports one faculty member and one undergraduate student to develop, conduct, and present faculty-mentored undergraduate student research at NCWU. Recipients of the OUR Faculty-Student Research Award will receive the following:

  • A one-semester course release for the faculty mentor.
    • The course release is applied to the Spring semester of the year awarded.
    • Proposals will be required to include a signed statement from the faculty member’s Program Coordinator in support of the course release.
  • A $500 research award for the undergraduate student researcher (pending proposal approval).
    • The research award can be used to support research-related expenses only (for example: software, books, supplies, equipment, or research-related travel). The proposal must include a detailed budget that outlines how the research stipend will be spent.

Submission deadline:

Complete proposals are due by September 15th, 2023.


Applicants for the OUR Faculty-student Research Award must include one full-time faculty member and one full-time NCWC undergraduate student.


Submissions will be evaluated by the OUR Award Committee which includes the OUR Advisory Board, the current Institutional Review Board (IRB) Chair, and the current Professional Development Committee Chair. The OUR Award Committee will utilize either the Research Project Rubric or Creative Project Rubric, depending on the project type, to evaluate each proposal. The OUR Award Committee, upon consideration, will forward its recommendation(s) to the Provost by October 9, 2023 for final disposition. Award recipients will be notified by October 16th and will be featured in the OUR annual newsletter.

Award Dispersal: Student Research Award funds will be distributed to the faculty mentor via a faculty-student OUR Award Account. The award may be spent from the time it is awarded until May 15 of the academic year in which it is awarded.